Exports of plastic to Iraq from Iran

Pacific Plastics Co. is one of the most reputable and oldest plastic and home appliance distributors in Iran. We have always been able to provide the best and most quality products to our customers by having a permanent and old connection with the largest manufacturer of home appliances, plastics, and crystals in Iran.
With thousands of titles from dozens of top Iranian manufacturers, the company offers one of several types of shopping cart for its customers.
Our policy of work is always on creating mutual trust between the customer and the buyer, and we tend to provide our customers with reliable and affordable services, and in this way we can have a long business with you partners Start your darling Among the benefits of cooperating with the slow release of plastic can be the following:
- The price is right
- High commodity diversity
- Fast loading
- Variety of colors
- Appropriate response
The Pacific Broadcasting Company has been continuously active in exporting home appliances and plastics to neighboring countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and so on. By offering affordable products, the company has been able to attract the trust of many of its customers. If you are planning to import kitchen and home appliances from Iran, you can view our company products at the site and contact our sales partners for the price.
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