Representation of Kaveh Glass and Crystal
Certainly, Kaveh's Glass and Crystal are among the well known factories that do not need to be introduced. Kaveh Glass Industry Co., with more than 30 years of experience, is recognized as the largest producer of glass and crystals in private roles in Iran and the region. The group's activities are classified in four business areas including crystal glass and glass, flat glass, glass industry raw materials and petrochemical industries.
In the role of glass of the cup, the group has 4 large units of flute glass and 2 units of glass production. In 2000, the first flute production was titled as Iran Flute Factory, and also in 1397, the newest and most advanced flute production unit named Flute Kavian. Orders for the day before today are domestic and foreign customers. Playback as distributor of glass and crystal products in Kaveh, in the field of home and kitchen furniture, distributes all the products of this brand throughout Iran. You can view the products of Crystal Kaveh and contact our colleagues to receive the updated price list for Glass and Crystal Kaveh.
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