Export of plastic to Iraq

One of the most important principles of today's trade is the exact recognition of the product and the price. As a powerful vendor, you can be aware of the latest market products as well as the up-to-date prices of your products. Naturally, there is no reason why there's no reason for any of the reputable plastic stores anywhere in Iran that you should display the latest products of the day in your store's showcase and, of course, the price of these products is also important.

One of the most important principles of a plastic shop is the likelihood of being exposed products because it will make it impossible to compete with market players. Relaxed plastic playback With the help of having a very diverse portfolio of different types of plastic, crystal, home furnishings, and kitchen trimming, you have met all the needs of a Plasco store. This is a diverse product that includes Iranian and Chinese goods.

Our products perfectly complete your store shelves so you can be satisfied with any type of customer and purchase. The price of thin plastic playback products for our customers creates conditions to compete easily with our neighbors, and we also have a reliable and reliable base for the stores in competition with other plastic players.

Another item that is very important in the plastic distribution business is the sale of the conditions to dear customers. As you and we all know, a vendor has a lot of liquidity in the end, he has to buy the terms of the broadcasters and bankers, so pick the right place for a plastic pen in order to get the products you need. The right conditions and the real price is a matter of great concern.

If you manage a Plasco shop, you can familiarize yourself with our store products by visiting our products on this site or subscribing to the Plasma Broadcast Telegram. Contact us for the price of our goods. Thank you Also, if you have a store with a history that you want to use the reputation of your years of work and make your reputation as a worthwhile investor, let us know about our sales partners, including who you were buying from earlier and With what conditions, we will notify you of our sales terms after the inquiry into your content.

Here are some of the benefits of cooperating with the slow plastic player:

    The variety of products is very high
    Availability of goods in stock
    Send speed fast according to customer's request
    Buy as small as needed and in shredded packaging
    Color the products in a package
    Exact price
    Sending a load directly to the shop door (in large purchases) and sending through the carrier
    Possibility to sell conditions for well-known customers
    One-stop shopping for cheap products (auction) and luxury goods (luxury)
    Proper response to sales partners and full post-loading follow-up

Contact us if you need advice and advice

Dear colleagues, remember that your orders can be coordinated by phone with our sales partners or by sending a fax or telegram to the company.

Thanks to the gentle plastic player

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