Aram Amini.Plastic Distribution Company

is one of the most reputable and oldest distributors of plastic products and home appliances and kitchenware in Tehran. We have always been able to provide our loved ones with the best and most high quality products and appliances, relying on the constant and appropriate connection with plastic and crystal manufacturers.

Distributing Plasma Plastic (Amini) is in two different areas of customer service:

Major distribution of plastic auction (2000 Tomanian and 5000 Toman)
Play Jonas Deluxe Plastic

In the plastic part of our range, we can equip your store with a wide range of products and at a reasonable price, and increase the variety of our product. This section includes a variety of plastic grooves, crochet hooks and trinkets and kitchens. You can see all of these products in the Reliable Amini Broadcast Telegram.

In the section of our luxury plastic components, we are one of the most productive and diversified plastic dispensers in Tehran. We provide permanent and continuous cooperation with all the factories of plastic, crystal and metal, as well as having all kinds of imported goods (Chinese and Turkish). We offer a wide variety of products for your store. Appropriate prices, acceptable quality products, fast delivery of goods, customer ordering, diverse color schemes, and dozens of title advantages make our customers more willing to partner with a relaxed metal playback.

Our working policies are always on creating mutual trust between the buyer and the customer. We tend to provide loyal customers by providing proper services and pricing right to our products, thus creating a long-term relationship between the buyer and the customer. Our look is not just about selling products, but we want our customers to be able to achieve their goals in the market and thereby enter a winning range.

If you are interested in buying plastic flippers, you can send us a list of products you have visited on the site or in the Telegram company for our sales partners to receive your discounts. Remember to send the product name, the manufacturer's name and the color needed with your desired number to our sales department. To do this, you can send a variety of ways to your list:

By sending in telegram

By calling us through our sales department

By sending to company co

Address: Tehran, Emam Reza Expressway (Mashhad Gateway), City Center Entrance, No. 16

☎️ 021-40339360 phone: 09123248803

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